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The chorus

Junio 5, 2016

Año: 2004
Asignatura sugerida: Ética, Estudios Sociales, Inglés


The Chorus is a story about Clément Mathieu, an Orchestra Conductor who arrived at Fond de l'Étang ("Bottom of the Well"), and a France boarding school for difficult boys, as supervisor, not as a music teacher. He found, not only a bad-tempered headmaster but children that had many behavioral difficulties that hadn’t received the appropriate tools to change from the headmasters and teachers.

Clément Mathieu discovered that his students sang rude songs about him and made a plan: he will form a choir as a form of discipline. He divided the students according to their voices and practiced an original song, written by Mathieu, secretly. The students not only learned about music but cooperative work, humility and love. Also, Mathieu learned that students, especially Pierre Morhange, can change and would be a better person.

Therefore, this movie show us how the relationship between teachers and students are defined, in many cases, only for the authority. Mathieu teach us that this relationship can be built using values as respect, humble, discipline and love of teaching and children. Also, how as teachers need to innovate in our classes; and how as a students, you can be better if work hard.

Película recomendado por: Yina Castañeda, docente del área de Inglés de la Institución Educativa Compartir Suba.

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Melva Inés Aristizabal Botero
Gran Maestra Premio Compartir 2003
Abro una ventana a los niños con discapacidad para que puedan iluminar su curiosidad y ver con sus propios ojos la luz de la educación que hasta ahora solo veían por reflejos.